Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Buns and Burgers: Animal free style.

Brian smiles in anticipation of the magnificent meal we created! I marinated portabella mushrooms in toasted sesame oil, agave nectar and freshly minced ginger. Brian made Chebe buns, which were way tasty. We baked the mushrooms for 15 minutes, added some avocado, organic greens, sweet pea sprouts, baby dill pickles, and some of Brian's homemade BBQ sauce and ...viola!!
I didn't even know I could like BBQ sauce, but this was really tasty, I'll have to ask him for the recipe and add it to this post. Yummy, yeah for spring greens!
And so allergy season is at its worst here, literally it's really bad this year. So I've been keeping us pumped full of nettle tea, local honey, and lots of herbs. I recently made energy balls with ginseng and maca, I also made an iron tonic elixir and every other day make a powerful liver tonic tea. We are staying healthy, though the allergies have crept in a bit, a little sneezing, a little coughing, but we keep up with the neti pot and facial steams. I am so happy it's spring!

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